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Melony Poviones: Our Medalist in the Making

Melony Poviones

Dedicated. Passionate. Determined. Inspirational. Powerful. Tenacious. Fearless. The marks of a champion. All difficult to manifest yet simple to identify. There were most likely a handful of people who came to your mind after reading that list, and we know one of them to be our newest Total Soy® brand advocate, Melony Poviones. Melony, a […]

7 Fun & Inexpensive Exercise for the Whole Family

Fun exercise

On a daily basis, how long is your to-do list? About 3-5 feet? And how much space on that list is dedicated to your own personal health and happiness? Like an inch? That’s what we thought. You spend so much time worrying about what’s best for your kids, your spouse, your job that, often time, […]