Kimberly Vasquez: Total Soy Success

Kim Vasquez Total Soy success

Meet Kimberly Vasquez, a woman on a journey to a healthier life. She began her journey 8 months ago. This Texas native girl has been using Total Soy to help her along the way and it’s been working!  She has lost 45 pounds, and she’s determined to keep going.


It all began with a cruise. Prompted by insecurities, Kimberly decided to begin a healthy lifestyle while planning a cruise vacation with her friend. This motivation prompted her to begin working out and eating better. However, progress is a slow process and she learned that the hard way. After months with few results, Kimberly took to the internet to research different workout routines that would bring her success.


As Kimberly began to research, she found that her priority was to become a healthier version of herself, not lose weight. This realization lead her to set small goals for herself along her journey. Living in an apartment in Texas, she wanted to be able to walk up the two flights of stairs to her apartment without feeling out of breathe. After coming to terms with what she expected of herself Kimberly decided it was time to put her research to the test.


“It’s affordable and easy to add into your meal routine, with easy to understand instructions on the back of the packaging,” Kimberly shared of her experience finding Total Soy in Walmart.


Now 8 months later, Kimberly has a workout routine of over an hour long that includes cardio and strength training. Her diet consists mostly of fruits, vegetables, grilled chicken, and Total Soy. Her diet is not the only that has changed. Her mentality has changed as well. She will feel guilty for not following her diet or skipping a workout.


“I just feel healthier all around. I used to get sick all the time, I haven’t been sick since I started using Total Soy”, Kimberly tells us. While this may not happen for all Total Soy users, Kimberly has seen an improvement in her immune system since she has started using Total Soy.

Kimberly is glad to be sharing her story with us and everyone as she continues on her journey to becoming a healthier version of herself.


Track her progress on her Instagram @kimvasquez64

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