Ideal Total Soy Diet Day

The ideal Total Soy diet

We all know that losing weight takes patience, discipline, dedication, optimism, and time! But with the Total Soy Weight-Loss Shake, dieting has never been tastier, healthier, or easier! This post outlines what the ideal Total Soy diet day looks like and was written to help give consumers guidance on how to optimize results.


  1. 9:00 – Breakfast Shake

Good Morning! Start off your day with a Total Soy Weight-Loss Shake. It includes all the nutrients of a full meal with only 130 calories, 3 grams of fat, and 8 grams of sugar! And because our shakes are naturally energizing, you won’t even need your morning coffee. Who needs coffee anyway? The caffeine spikes insulin levels in your body which actually increases appetite! Our Total Soy Weight-Loss Shakes are caffeine-free and will leave you full and satisfied for hours.


  1. 11:30 – Snack

I know this may be counter intuitive, but trust me, you need to snack. When our stomachs continuously digest healthy, natural foods, our metabolisms maintain a steady pace. This maximizes the amount of energy that can be generated from our food and the amount of fat that can be burned from our bodies. Some snacks to keep in mind that are particularly known to boost your metabolism include whole grains, grapefruit, yogurt, and almonds.


  1. 1:00 – Lunch

Eat a full, healthy meal. Try to keep in mind the quarter-quarter-half rule (a quarter of your plate should include some form of protein, another quarter should include starch, and the other half should include vegetables). Also, avoid having a diet soda with your meal. Though these beverages often have 0 calories and 0 grams of sugar, they still taste extremely sweet due to a chemical called aspartame. Because of this, your body becomes confused that it did not receive the expected amount of calories/sugar and, as a result, spikes your appetite.

  1. 4:00 – Work Out

Trust me, we know how busy your day can be, so we know how hard it is to designate an entire hour and a half to exercise. When this time of the day rolls around, try to remember that you only get one body in this lifetime. Take care of it. And since you’ve been keeping your metabolism up all day, you’ll burn more fat than ever before!


  1. 5:30 – Snack

Back at it again! Keep that metabolism up!


  1. 7:30 – Dinner Shake

Have another, delicious Total Soy Weight-Loss Shake, and make it your own! Feel free to experiment with different recipes to make every shake new and tasty. In doing so, it becomes so much easier and so much more enjoyable to continuously replace your meals with Total Soy.


  1. 11:00 – Bed Time

Make sure you’re in bed at a reasonable time. Not only will 8 hours of sleep make you feel awake and refreshed for tomorrow, but it will also reduce the amount of cortisol circulating throughout your body. When we are deprived of sleep, our bodies become stressed both physically and mentally. This stress hormone is called cortisol and is strongly associated with weight gain in adults.


Tips to keep in mind throughout the day:

  1. Stay hydrated

Approximately 60% of your body is made up of water. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep yourself hydrated so that your body can properly and successfully perform all of its functions on a day to day basis. Additionally, drinking water boosts your metabolism and helps flush out toxins from your system.


  1. Keep warm

When our bodies are cold, our appetites increase in order to keep our bodies warm and insulated. So try to keep a jacket on hand and, if you’re feeling hungry, step outside for a minute to get some fresh air and soak up the sun.


  1. Set goals for yourself

Whether it’s something as simple as exercising for an extra 5 minutes or something as challenging as losing 5 pounds by the end of the week, it is crucial to set goals for yourself. Holding yourself accountable and setting deadlines is the only way to avoid stagnation and to make progress.


  1. Stay positive and eliminate stress wherever possible

As we said before, stress causes your body to release a chemical called cortisol which is strongly correlated to weight gain. We know it can be hard, but try to avoid stressful situations and learn to step back and breathe when necessary. Also, try to remain positive during your diet. It is likely that you will encounter obstacles, but it crucial that you remain optimistic and persevere in order to see significant results in the end.

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